AW Podcast Show Notes

Episode 1 "In the Beginning"
(8:02, published February 5, 2022)

Find out how the Ancient Witness project got started and how it has changed in the last fifteen years as Rev. Su Leone searches for the prehistoric civilization that is remembered around the world in myth and artifact. 

Transcript pdf 

Episode 2 "What Took Me So Long"
(5:44, published November 2, 2023)

Join me on my lunchtime walk as I explain why the second episode took so long. 

Transcript and Sources pdf

Episode 3 "Ancient Astronaut Theorists Say Yes"
(8:59, published November 26, 2023)

Discover the popular “Ancient Astronaut” theory and find out how it devalues human ingenuity. 

Transcript and Sources pdf

Episode 4 "Biblical Harmony"

Find out about the reliability of many English translations and transliterations of the Bible and one way to harmonize them into a single narrative.

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